SYSPRO is rated the best business system for the Machinery and Equipment Industry based on its ability to manage the entire supply chain, allowing an integrated view of all operations from production planning and scheduling, to purchasing and invoicing.



Engineering precision is a must in the process of delivering highly complex and often custom products. For companies that manufacture industrial machinery, it can be tough to figure out how to get products to market faster, while keeping costs down and minimising liability. In addition, the pace of technology change keeps accelerating, machines have gotten faster, more powerful and more sophisticated. These are all challenges faces by manufacturers of Machinery and Equipment.



SYSPRO for Machinery and Equipment provides solutions to support lean manufacturing and cost efficiencies, and to enable responsiveness to global market fluctuations.



SYSPRO offers easy integration with computer-aided design and manufacturing systems (CAD and CAM), and permits full traceability through all transactions, enabling the reduction of inventories and improved capacity utilisation. SYSPRO’s Engineering Change Control module augments or eliminates the paper trail that traditionally accompanies changes to product design data, while SYSPRO Factory Scheduling facilitates the management of the supply chain, from planning and execution to the identification and remediation of potential problems. In addition, SYSPRO Assets Register addresses the asset-intensive nature of the industry by providing planning and control tools for Capex expenditure and asset depreciation.



SYSPRO’s extensive features foster the centralized management and control of the product design process, while its comprehensive security, customization and multi-lingual capabilities enable you to provide tailored access to external collaborative partners around the globe.
Import facilities and SYSPRO solutions facilitate improved electronic collaboration with your customers for the creation of customer-specified designs, while the Contact Management system provides a central area for the recording and querying of all communications regarding collaborative activities.
Multi-level bills of material for designs modelled on CAD systems can be imported into SYSPRO, thereby reducing double-entry and the margin for error, as well providing a solid basis on which to calculate costs and lead times for quoting to the customer. In addition, other product-related data such as technical drawings can be imported and linked to the relevant products in SYSPRO, while photographs, video clips and other multimedia files can be linked and viewed on-demand.
SYSPRO’s powerful engineering change control features enable the creation of user-defined workflows to control the product development process and ensure electronic sign-off. Bill of Material component and routing changes, as well as the impact on existing transactional data is controlled through paperless approval and authorization mechanisms, including ECC event triggers, as defined by your organization.


Your ability to harness e-Commerce technologies effectively has enormous potential to transform your business and enhance commercial success and growth.
Your customers and suppliers may look increasingly to closer collaboration, to cut production timetables and minimise disruption to their supply chain. This could involve working via their electronic order and supply chain systems to enable streamlining of operations and to reduce the margin for error. Multi-organization research and design teams may need to work collaboratively and to achieve this, you must have efficient, secure systems that can deliver and receive information.
SYSPRO facilitates streamlined, secure electronic data interchange and collaborative commerce through features such Document Flow Manager, Integration Framework, EDI, Office Automation and Messaging, SYSPRO Workflow Services and various Business-to-Business purchase and sales import and export functions. In addition, SYSPRO’s Web-based applications are out-the-box solutions which you can run on the Internet/Intranet and easily customise to suit end-user requirements.
Quick response times and accuracy in fulfilling orders are critical to your reputation in a diverse and demanding global market. Automated 24/7 customer order placement and acknowledgement are facilitated via SYSPRO’s Document Flow Manager and email. In addition, SYSPRO’s Solutions enables the rapid development of applications for mobile devices, so that your sales force can check stock and place orders directly into SYSPRO while out visiting customers, thereby improving order turnaround time.
SYSPRO’s Solutions can be extended to integrate SYSPRO with other applications, such as shipping companies’ tracking systems to determine the shipping status of customer orders. In addition, Solutions facilitates the integration of SYSPRO with scanning and Smart technologies, thereby streamlining picking and packing processes, as well as inventory stock takes.
If your customers include Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) you can import and easily reconcile vendor EDI releases using SYSPRO’s Blanket Sales Order module.


Efficient management of your receivables and mitigation of bad debt is essential to maintaining a healthy cash flow. SYSPRO’s powerful features can assist you to improve your credit management performance with reduced effort, as well as to maintain single-point communications with your customers.
Extensive order and invoice credit checking features enable the implementation of flexible terms and controls to suit different categories of customer. Ageing methods offered to include by invoice date, invoice due date, statement date and aged statement date, and customer terms allow for a variety of settlement discount options. Multi-currency invoice and payments are catered for, as well as the automation of finance and recurring charges.
Prompt electronic delivery of customer statements, invoices and copy invoices is facilitated through SYSPRO’s email and fax integration; documents can be transmitted directly from point of extraction. User-defined stationery formats preclude the need for pre-printed stationery and enable the creation of customer documents in Word or secure PDF format. Additionally, you can allow customers to query your SYSPRO database directly for detailed account information via the internet, with SYSPRO Office Integration or SYSPRO solutions.
The ‘Average Days to Pay’ calculation and extensive search, query and report features enable the quick and accurate assessment and targeted follow-up of customer debt. Rapid application of customer payments against a large number of outstanding invoices is efficiently handled using SYSPRO’s Payments and Adjustment functions, including the automatic payments application feature. Also, the time and effort to manage trade customer accruals, rebates and deductions are significantly reduced through the use of SYSPRO’s Trade Promotions and master/sub-account functionality.
SYSPRO helps to greatly streamline the completion of account receivable month end procedures. Creation of workflow and checklists for periodic and month-end procedures is made possible through SYSPRO’s customizable menus and Task Manager. The system’s multiperiod accounting enables operational continuity for the new period, reducing pressure on the receivables department to finalise the month’s transactions within a severely limited time frame. In addition, SYSPRO Reporting Services provides the ability to automate scheduling and electronic storage of month end reports ‘as run’, thereby precluding the need to supervise their production and printing.
SYSPRO’s standard Trial Balance and Credit Management reports can be supplemented by additional user-defined KPIs and reports using Report Writer or SYSPRO Reporting Services. Furthermore, you can configure SYSPRO’s powerful event management and customization features to alert relevant personnel to certain conditions, such as accounts being overdue by a stated number of days, via email or on-screen field highlights.

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