SYSPRO is rated the best business system for the Metal Fabrication Industry based on its ability to collaborate with customers on the design and engineering of products, maintaining accurate job costs and manage capacity.



SYSPRO for Fabrication is designed to support metal fabrication, seamlessly linking all of your company’s critical operations. SYSPRO’s flexible business solutions will enhance your organization’s efficiencies in meeting the challenges of global competition, high costs of raw materials and changing customer expectations.



SYSPRO’s Forecasting, Purchasing, Requirements Planning and Work in Progress modules will streamline your information systems, provide better inventory and supply chain management, and enhance your productivity. In addition, SYSPRO’S Bill of Materials and Engineering Change control modules help simplify and shorten product development life cycles by providing the means to collaborate with customers on the design and engineering of products.



Metal Fabricators have specific characteristics and face unique challenges that must be addressed in order to remain competitive. Our flexible ERP solutions will help you remain at the forefront of a demanding industry and enable you to; collaborate with customers on the design and engineering of products, maintain accurate job costs and manage capacity.



SYSPRO’s extensive features foster the centralised management and control of the product design process, while its comprehensive security, customization and multi-lingual capabilities enable you to provide tailored access to external collaborative partners around the globe.
Import facilities and SYSPRO solutions facilitate improved electronic collaboration with your customers for the creation of customer-specified designs, while the Contact Management system provides a central area for the recording and querying of all communications regarding collaborative activities.
Multi-level bills of material for designs modelled on CAD systems can be imported into SYSPRO, thereby reducing double-entry and the margin for error, as well providing a solid basis on which to calculate costs and lead times for quoting to the customer. In addition, other product-related data such as technical drawings can be imported and linked to the relevant products in SYSPRO, while photographs, video clips and other multimedia files can be linked and viewed on-demand.
SYSPRO’s powerful engineering change control features enable the creation of user-defined workflows to control the product development process and ensure electronic sign-off. Bill of Material component and routing changes, as well as the impact on existing transactional data, is controlled through paperless approval and authorization mechanisms, including ECC event triggers, as defined by your organisation.


In custom-build, as well as project and service environments, job cost accuracy is essential in attaining correct pricing and profitability, as well as to assess the reliability of the quoting process, while in standard costing environments, it is essential for tracking the validity of current standard costs.
For custom-build environments, SYSPRO’s Quotations module enables detailed estimates based on all aspects of the job (or jobs) and the automatic creation of jobs, purchase orders and sales orders based on approved quotes. This ensures the integrity of the quoted and margin information throughout the system. For project and service environments, this same functionality is available, with the added benefits of hierarchical analysis of costs and margins per head and section.
SYSPRO’s fully integrated solution enables the capture, tracking and analyzing of job and product costs, and profitability in real-time. Details of expected versus actual costs for material and scrap, internal and external labor, fixed and overhead costs per job, or group of jobs, is available through SYSPRO’s querying and reporting features. This enables the identification of exceptions and problems as they occur, such as areas of high cost expenditure, production scrap and rework, and problems in the quoting process. Furthermore, for those businesses wishing to take advantage of government and private enterprise grant programs, detailed R&D job data is easily extracted for regulatory reporting requirements.
With SYSPRO’s visibility to product cost details and profit margins, including for co- and by-products, you can evaluate job cost performance, margin analysis and pricing with confidence.


SYSPRO’s Bill of Materials module provides the tools to maintain the demonstrated capacity for work centers and productive units, while SYSPRO Factory Scheduling enables the configuration of shift patterns and the identification and consideration of multiple constraints such as tooling. The Bill of Materials module enables the configuration of product routings from which Work in Progress and Requirements Planning derive the capacity required, dynamically adjusted for order or batch size.

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