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Lets recap 2018 and welcome 2019

Welcome to 2019

2018 was a great year for CBS.

Apart from the usual satisfaction of providing sales and support services to our customers we associated ourselves with other SYSPRO Partners to increase our reach, size and resource base.

Advanced ERP based in Auckland, New Zealand

Proactive Integrators based in Brisbane, Queensland

MIS Software Solutions based in Lae Papua New Guinea

In August we joined the new global SYSPRO PartnerUp program which provides us with an increased level of collaboration and support from for SYSPRO.

SYSPRO 8 has been launched with exciting new functionality, AI, Bots, the Avanti web interface, Social ERP, Prophix a Corporate Performance Management application and Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

We invested in the time to have all of our consultants meet the certification requirements of the new SYSPRO PartnerUp program and get certified in all required disciplines.

We are poised now to have a successful and busy 2019

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