The SYSPRO ERP Solution is a comprehensive single-source business management solution running on the latest Microsoft SQL databases and Microsoft Servers, on-premise or in the cloud.

The solution gives you the tools to plan, manage and transact efficiently.  Its powerful functionality gives you complete control over the financial, distribution and manufacturing operations of your business. It aids you in streamlining your supply chain. There are tools that will allow you to analyse data quickly, use any browser capable device to interact with the application and control the flow of data based on your best practice.

The product is used by more than 15000 companies worldwide.

Once you start using SYSPRO, you will come to realise why it has a 98% retention rate globally.

Carrolls Business Solutions has the most experienced team of SYSPRO implementers in the Asia-Pacific region.  Our consultants can advise and assist you in optimising the ERP systems functionality to execute your commercial strategies and streamline your operations efficiently.


CBS Vault

CBS Vault is a lightweight context-aware plugin to SYSPRO that offers business using SYSPRO ERP an easy way to digitise and store, in Microsoft SQL, any type of business document readable by your systems associated with standard or user-defined key data in SYSPRO.

CBS Vault is:

  • Tightly integrated with SYSPRO

  • Provides functional access by Role or Operator

  • Permissioned access to certain documents by SYSPRO Role, Group or Operator

  • Finds content based on where it is in SYSPRO rather than where it is on a file server

  • Provides monitoring tools to see which users are accessing which documents

  • Provides versioning tools that track edits to documents and recover old versions

  • Provides controls regulating when outdated documents can be deleted through retention periods

  • Storage of any document type

  • Preview for the most used business document types


CBS Bank File Formats

CBS Bank File Formats is a program that converts the output of SYSPRO  Accounts Payable and Cash Book EFT payment runs into the formats required by your banks EFT systems.

CBS will maintain these formats as we are informed of any changes.

CBS will also add conversions for any Australian and New Zealand banks and most Pacific Island banks as required

Corporate Performance Management

Integrated financial planning is the holy grail of organisational success.


Prophix CPM for SYSPRO ensures this by seamlessly integrating, aggregating and centralising financial processes, with the following benefits.


Prophix CPM allows you to automate the management cycle of Budgeting, Reporting, Analysis, Planning and Consolidations.

By integrating budgeting and planning data into your SYSPRO ERP, you can transform your data into insight and make better business decisions.

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Mobile Warehouse Management


Automate & optimise your warehouse with the riteSCAN Mobile Warehouse Management for SYSPRO

riteSCAN software implements in a snap with the push of a few buttons and is updated regularly to maintain uninterrupted compatibility with SYSPRO versions 7 & 8. Unlike other WMS software, riteSCAN can be downloaded in minutes, quickly set up to match your processes, and ready to use in 8 weeks or less! Better yet, the CBS and  riteSOFT support team is here to help you along the way with accessible, cost-effective implementation and training services.

Press the button to get access to a free trial.

Rapidtrade is a cloud-based automated mobile software application that has mobile access to SYSPRO either real-time or with batch synchronisation. Rapidtrade is made up of four components:-
RapidTrade - is a full-featured mobile sales environment, allowing your sales force to work even when there is no mobile coverage meaning that you will always get the order.
RapidDelivery - Your sales representative can sell out of your van, which includes producing invoices and if need be credit notes at point-of-sale.  
RapidSales –  Configurable online trading platform that gives you access to catalogues, customer pricing, stock on hand, previous orders and any special promotions.
RapidTargets - Through call cycles that have previously been set up, sales representatives can maximise their selling time. Sales activities and customer call reports can be logged as they happen, therefore eliminating the need for sales reports


Under Development

CBS Explorer

CBS Explorer is a new way of finding information in SYSPRO by making use of purpose-built searches. People in your organisation view information differently so why should they all search the same?

CBS Tracker

CBS Tracker monitors data changes in SYSPRO all the way from setup to security and everything in between and provides comprehensive reporting for management and auditors alike.


CBS Insights

CBS Insights provides your organisations data in a visual format so that you can easily make sense of the key performance indicators in SYSPRO.


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